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Consulate General - Passport Queries

Use the form below to get in touch with us regarding passport queries.

If you are contacting the Consulate Passport Office for a passport application form, state the number of application forms required and please provide your postal address in the address field below.

You will not get an email response if you are requesting a form, we will post the form out to you. Please check our FAQs in case the response to your question is available.

First Time Passport Applicants

Only Irish citizens are entitled to hold an Irish passport. Before requesting an application form, please check which of the categories below applies to you.

Please ensure you have the correct documentation before you submit your completed application.

  • Born in Ireland
  • You were born outside Ireland to a parent born on the island of Ireland
  • Neither of your parents were born in Ireland but you can claim Irish Citizenship by descent
  • You are a Naturalised Irish Citizen
  • You were born abroad and adopted under Irish Law
  • You are a Post-Nuptial Citizen

Before you send us your query, please check our Top Passport Questions to see if it has already been answered. If you are resident in Northern Ireland, please see information about applying through Passport Express here.     

Please note that your email address will be validated on entry

Emergency Contact Details

Please note that if you require assistance in the case of emergency while the Consulate is closed, you can phone the main Consulate number, 0131 2267711, and leave a message. This mailbox is monitored regularly through weekends and your call will be returned at the earliest possible opportunity.